Sponsor a student into education

TESS provides educational support for the most disadvantaged young people in Teso, Uganda. You can help by becoming a sponsor today.

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How Does TESS Help?

Over the past ten years TESS has supported more than 350 students through secondary education and beyond:

  • Few families can afford to pay for secondary and further education in spite of some government-sponsored secondary education. Although primary education is meant to be free, many families cannot afford the school uniform, school materials and extra contributions required. Even if they can manage to send one child, it is usually a boy.
  • Women and girls are limited in their power and choices in life. Girls who cannot continue in education after primary school are pushed into marriage as young teenagers, with no hope of a better future.

Why Teso?

Teso is one of the world poorest regions due to 25 years of political, health and environmental issues; from Rebel activity and insurgency, to hundreds of thousands of residents being moved into camps; the devastating impact of HIV/AIDS and serious floods and droughts between 2007 and 2010.

How can I help?

TESS currently sponsors 87 students and 16 new students will enter the programme in January 2015. These students are sponsored by a range of individual and group donations. The average costs of education at secondary level is £360; with further education rising to between £500 and £900 per student, per year.

Please contact srutter@tess.uk.net for further information

The following link is to a video about TESS and the work that it does https://vimeo.com/116475397